Thursday, 1 August 2013

Marriage Preparation Course - Some Ramblings

I am noticing a trend nowadays... some people want to get married but when it comes to preparing themselves for marriage, they seem to want to have preparations done quickly (pronto... expresso... whatever).

Seems strange that these same people would go through great lengths and spend lots of time studying for exams, working towards Bachelor, Master or PhD Degrees; or even making great effort in impressing the boss with hope of better pay or promotion.

But... when it comes to preparing for Marriage? Attending a Marriage Preparation Course seems like such a difficult thing to do (as if one is having one's teeth pulled). No time... Busy... Work... So many excuses given... Seems as if marriage is no longer important or worthwhile to prepare for (especially spiritually and knowing clearly what is expected in a Catholic marriage). Getting a good restaurant for the wedding makan or dinner, finding a reasonable priced romantic place for the honeymoon, booking a nice hotel... all these seem to preoccupy the minds of some couples more than a Marriage Preparation Course. Some couples even want the course to be completed fast fast... as if spending an hour or two a week (that is only once a week for about 6 weeks) knowing what a Catholic marriage is all about is such a painful experience.

What is happening here? Do we value our marriage, which is a life-long commitment ("one and two, super glue" as my professor in Canon Law on the topic of Catholic Marriages likes to say), or have we become so influenced by the media, where glamour and materialism is more important? Do we care about our faith and the need to share our faith with our spouse and children, or have we become complacent with our Catholic identity?

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