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A Bollywood Scene? Perhaps

Seems strange that there are some people who get so emotionally charged over what seems to be the smallest matter, and then expect the priest to solve their problem for them. I recall in a not too distant past, a couple (presumably boyfriend and girlfriend), coming to see me with their whole family, because of what I perceived to be a small matter.

It seems that the boy had tried to be a little "fresh" with the girl, by putting his arm around her shoulder (I am told that he only put his arm around her shoulder, and he vehemently insisted that he did not venture further) during one of their "paktoring" endeavours. The girl went home and divulged the development with her mom, and guess what? Her mom was much displeased, told her dad and the news spread to other relations, both internal and external. This led to volcanic eruption and earthquakes of unimaginable proportions, and both families began to "naik bukit, turun bukit, seberangi sungai, seberan…

A Thin Line Between Sane and Insane

Every once in a while, I come across people who hope and dream that their offspring would one day become doctors or engineers or even lawyers. While these professions are good, one ought to also consider other professions which are becoming more and more in demand or need. For example, as people become more and more stressed or emotionally challenged, and life becomes more and more hectic, we may need more and more psychiatrists and psychologists to help people in their mental health.

A case worth noting happened not too long ago where a lady, looking possibly in her mid-thirties, came to my office.She looked quite distraught and the moment she sat down, she began to sob profusely. I had a box of tissues at the front of my desk, and to my alarm, she began to soak so many tissues as if they were going out of style. Before you knew it, she had used up an entire box of tissues, 150 ply, and was still crying. I could not get a word from her, as she remained seated, sobbing and looking mise…

Computer Backup & Our Spiritual Care

Nowadays, many people own computers with lots of documents in them - Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, MP3 files, pictures, clipart, etc. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the importance of making backup copies of such documents. Should a virus or some disaster strike, months of work and effort are gone - wiped out.

Having a backup plan for your computer is essential, so as not to lose your valuable documents. One has many choices to select from. CDs, DVDs and Thumbdrives are common media used for backup. However, these can be easily scratched and damaged. Some people use external hard disks for backup. Though external hard disks are more expensive, they tend to be more reliable for longer term backup usage. Whichever backup media you choose, it is always a good idea to have at least 2 different sets of backup. This is so that in case one set is damaged or the data is somehow corrupted, there would be another set to fall back on.

Another aspect of backup i…

Viruses and Sin

When a person is infected by a virus, he or she would often quickly see a doctor and/or go to a hospital for treatment. This is because, a virus left untreated could cause serious damage to one's health, even death.

Computer viruses, once detected, are quickly removed using antivirus software, to prevent any further or possible damage of one's computer or personal files.

However, when a person has sinned, does the person immediately seek confession to prevent any further or possible damage to one's soul and relationship with God? Some people are regular in their confession, while others procrastinate, coming only once or twice a year. Both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI recommend weekly confessions to purify one's soul and to maintain right relationship with God.

In his 2003 encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia (The Eucharist and Its Relationship to the Church), John Paul II warned: “I therefore desire to reaffirm that in the Church there remains in for…