Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Living in Truth or Living in Lies?

Some people just refuse or are reluctant to admit it when they realise they are wrong or they have made a mistake in some matter. They may be so quick to react, even to the point of insulting, belittling, respond in a forceful or negative way, or looking down on others, but they have not checked their facts or done their homework or have been negligent in certain details or simply overlooked key information altogether, or worse still, chosen to deliberately ignore what is true and hang on to one's personal opinion and prejudice.

Then when they are confronted with the reality that they had made a mistake, instead of saying sorry or acknowledging their error, they choose to remain silent and pretend that nothing happened, or they sweep the incident under the carpet, or they put up a tirade to try and divert attention from the truth, or they even try to find a scapegoat to take the blame instead taking personal responsibility.

Could some of us be like this? Have we forgotten humility, truthfulness, and sincerity? Or has our pride and ego gotten the better of us, making us self-righteous, arrogant and conceited? Is saving face more important than being genuine and humble? Are some of us interested only in ourselves, and treat others with contempt and disdain? May we come to realise that the truth will prevail, that we cannot hide forever and that it is better to live in truth, peace and happiness, instead of living a lie and in fear. May we also not grow so proud and conceited, and learn to walk humbly in God's ways.

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