Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dressing Modestly and with Decorum in Church - A Wedding Drama

Every once in a while, I come across couples planning for their wedding and in some instances, the bride then asks whether she could dress a little more stylo milo in one of those modern wedding gowns. The bride is advised to dress modestly and conservatively, since the wedding is taking place in church and a certain amount of decorum is expected. After all, you wouldn't wear shorts and t-shirt, or some other inappropriate clothing, when you go to a banquet or attend a function where a VIP (Very Important Person), Dignitaries or members of Royalty, are present. So, in church, one should dress modestly, properly and appropriately.

However, sometimes I come across a bride who "berdegil" or is stubborn.

At one wedding day, a bride came dressed in a round neck strapless sleeveless wedding gown (similar to the wedding gown of this picture), supported only with don't know what item together with her upper anatomy (possibly trying to show off certain parts). As she was walking down the aisle, all of a sudden, the upper part of her wedding gown gave way and the whole thing dropped down. It seems that the poor lady was not wearing anything inside and everything above her waist was revealed. I quickly closed my eyes and looked elsewhere, not wanting to see the consequence of the clothing malfunction, but the cameras and video recorders, I am told, caught the whole sequence of revelation.

Naturally, the poor bride was red with embarrassment and in tears. Her mother at least had the presence of mind to get her husband's coat and cover up the poor bride. Then the sobbing bride was led away. The wedding certainly could not continue till a later date.

So, if you are planning for your wedding, just be mindful that unexpected situations could occur. As some may say, "malang tidak berbau" or "kejatuhan tidak boleh disangka" (loosely translated as "calamnity or accidents cannot be predicted and may happen"). Dress properly and modestly in church, as it is a sacred place and God's dwelling, and not some concert hall, fashion show or opera house. Later at some other place such as the wedding dinner or banquet, you want to dress shockalingam or stylo milo, that is up to you.

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