Thursday, 25 February 2016

To Say "I Do"

The words "I do" seem easy to say, but there are far-reaching consequences when uttering those words. It is not enough to just say those words, since one should know what one is really saying, and not only know, but also be willing to hold on to those words till death do us part. Far too many have uttered those words, only to end up changing their tune and saying "I don't" when so called irreconcilable differences occur.

But does one really understand what these words mean? It seems so simple, but the words could also be just as complex and challenging to understand and to live out. "I" refers to a person: you, me, not someone else. "I" means an individual who is offering himself or herself wholely, totally, completely, fully. The "I" requires commitment, patience, persistence, for better or for worse.

"Do" is an action. When we "do," we are putting all our efforts, resources, gifts, talents, and time on the line. We cannot say "do" and hold back: it must be generous, abundant, benevolent. "Do" involves effort, for one cannot delegate it to someone else, one must be responsible, enthusiastic and dedicated in refining, improving and carrying out such an action for a lifetime. "Do" can be difficult, even painful, but when the going gets tough, one needs to keep going, keep doing.

In all this, saying such words could do with much help from the Lord. One could try to say and live such words, but the road could turn out rough, when you don't have the wings of His providence, and His gentle breeze calming the many storms that may come and go. When we turn to the Lord to guide us, the words become less strenuous, since one is uttering such words in His presence, in His care, in His love.

So consider carefully what you are about to say. Words are cheap, meaningless, lack substance, when one just say such words just for the sake of formality, or as some may say, "just to get it over and done with." May your "I do" be real, true, generous, complete, free, joyful and for a lifetime.

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