Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Ten Commandments: 4th Commandment: Honour father and mother

"Honour your father and your mother"

As children, we are often taught to love, respect and obey our parents. As we grow up, we are also taught to show obedience to lawful civil authorities, as well as obedience to religious superiors (especially with matters concerning faith and morals).

However, if some us have:
  • Shown hatred of parents and superiors
  • Abandoned or showed unjust anger or insult especially towards ageing parents
  • Shown contempt, disrespect and disobedience towards our parents or lawful superiors
  • Rebellious towards lawful civil authorities or lawful superiors
then we could be breaking this commandment.

Honour here does not mean blind respect or obedience. One has to discern and ensure that proper respect or obedience be validly given. Sometimes, it is difficult to honour our parents, especially if
they have been unfair or abusive towards us. However, we honour them not because they deserve it, but because God taught us to love all, even our enemies.

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