Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Liturgical Colours: A Summary - The Green

  • Green symbolises hope and life, just as the hint of green on trees in early Spring arouses the hope of new life.
  • Green is used during the liturgical season called Ordinary Time.
  • This season focuses on the three-year period of our Lord’s public ministry, and the Gospel passages, particularly on Sundays, recount His teachings, miracles, exorcisms, and other deeds during this time.
  • All of these teachings and events engender great hope in the mystery of salvation.
  • We focus on
    • The life He shared with mankind during His time on this earth.
    • The life we share now with Him in the community of the Church and through His sacraments.
    • and we look forward to sharing everlasting life with Him perfectly in Heaven.

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